Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A remake of a remake: Resident Evil

One of the best selling video games which sold over 50 million copies world wide. Well I was expecting a new RE7 game.I played the remake version on the Gamecube which was ok.From the pic which was on the PS 3 version it look great.I just wonder how it would look on the the PC,Xbox 1,PS4. Now a good game like RE would make me buy a new game system. Now give me a new RE 7 ...


  1. I hope that the new RE7 game is better than RE 6.It look like they are testing the water if this game sell good it would show them that people want the old RE set up,.I didn't like RE 6 they was trying make it for the COD people and that is bad the old RE game you used to have to figure where the key to a door is or there is imprint on the wall sharp like a wolf head you have to find to open a room,something no COD player would have to do,they just shoot at it.Re 2 game was one of the best of the old horror game.But remember its a remake so don't expect anything differennt except for graphic and updated controls wit RE 4 type of controls and not walking like a tank or you can because you can change the control setting

  2. I still think they are coming out with a new RE 7 game. And I think if lots of people buy this game it will show them to go back to the old Survival horror game play.Leave COD type of game play to COD.I love the old RE games you have to look for key or look at painting,or play something to open the door or look for poison to kill a killer plant..