Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Turn (AMC)

Turn is the new show on AMC about Washington's secret spy ring in the American Revolution that helped him win the war. I really like this show. It has a: this is something I would watch in history class feel. It might not be for everybody but it's definitely an interesting show. The acting and characters are great as well as the script. It's to bad because there is not a lot of viewers. So much so that the show may be cancelled. This is not the show's fault but AMCs. Do they know that there are 6 other days of the week??? I understand them trying to get The Walking Dead's audience but its going up against many outstanding shows in that time slot like Game of Thrones. Are they out of their minds putting Turn(A show that no one knows about) up against Game of Thrones. Airing The Walking Dead, Breaking bad, and Mad Men on Sunday is OK because they are strong enough to fight the competition but not Turn. Why not put Turn in another time slot until it gets its own audience?? I really don't understand AMC's thinking.

A side note about AMC: They are running out of shows! Mad Men and Breaking Bad are over leaving The Walking Dead their only big show. If Turn does not get an audience then it will not be any help. The only other show coming on is Halt and Catch Fire.( which is about the making of computers) Lets hope this show is really good.



  1. Turn is a good show I do hope they give it a chance.So many of my shows are no more!AMC does need some shows they only have The WalkingDead and Madmen! As there top show that broke into high rating show they have on like BigBang,Which for a cable show is good. The Walking Dead last season show about 18 milliong viewer

  2. Oh where they rip off some else PC you mean!

  3. I hope they give this show time for people to see it!