Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady is back for their last arkham game: Arkham Knight. This will only be for ps4, xbox One, and PC. That means that they can only focus on next gen not having to worry about the past systems. Therefore (we hope) this game will be built to the full power of these new systems. In the game you will be able to drive the bat mobile through Gotham while integrating that with the gameplay. They promised a big map and from the trailer; it looks like scarecrow is back! I am expecting this game to be great since Rocksteady has yet to let me down. Rocksteady has announced that they are making a new Batman villain for the game. His name is the same as the title: Arkham Knight. Here is the first trailer:



  1. I like the last Batman game.I hope they make it good. So far like you said had done a good job in the past!

  2. A guy dress up as knight of the old days but with gear that beats batman stuff.But this guy kill people.Its just my take on without any info!!

  3. The last game was ok,I hope this one is better!