Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Worst Video Game for 2013

1)Fast and Furious

2)RIPD:The Game: Another movie to video game .What can I say they took a easy way out.

3)Star Trek :yes another movie to video game.
Yeah, it was probably never a good idea to put Kirk and Spock together in something that initially looked like a quasi-asymmetrical Uncharted in space, and it certainly didn't help that after about a year of development, all of the game's original innovations had dried up as Abrams' Bad Company had more or less stopped working with Digital Extremes.
When Star Trek hit this Summer, what was pressed to the disc was akin to someone pulling a loose thread on a redshirt's uniform top, until whatever half-baked skeletal structure still remained made gameplay more like running between one unfinished level fragment to the next, until you were running into areas where Gorn on cue in cutscenes just flat out refused to appear and AI Kirk would get lost if you sprinted more than 20 meters ahead.

4) Barbie Dream House Party: Yes they wanted to give a game for girl to play.But this game would even be a bore to girls. Hey game making people I have heard girl playing online COD,Battlefield,Uncharted etc. If I was a girl and this game would make me stop playing video games forever! Hey girl want from a video game is a game that is fun to play both single and online.Hey that is what us boys want too..If you buy this game for your children, you're not just a bad parent, you're a terrible human.(this is my 2cent only Albert0)

5)Sonic and Mario Sochi Winter Olympics! Why do they do this every time? The WiiU need good games! Not BS like this!

6)The Walking Dead:Survival Instinct : A good idea if it was done right and this game isn't done right.  TWD  needs a good FPS ! Please someone make it happen.A good one!! The game focuses of the redneck brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon in a prequel to their stories in the AMC television series. Players takes the role of Daryl, the loveable crossbow wielding country boy with a heart of gold, who is voiced incredibly well but is wasted on a game that should go down as game of the year for disappointment.
First off, the developers didn't want anyone to know this game was out, it clearly knew the crap state of the title. No review copies landed anywhere meaning it hoped to get to store shelves and sold to some hapless Walking Dead loving fan before anyone could figure out how bad it was. The graphics are straight out of 1999 and that's being generous. With lots of flat ground and unrendered textures on everything it looks worse than freeware. The gameplay is suppose to let gamers use Daryl's sneaky abilities to get through a level but this doesn't work, every level becomes a sprint and slash fest where gamers end up just jumping on top of a car and knifing zombies because apparently zombies can't reach the top of cars.
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct includes lots of cool features, if they worked. Players can pick and choose survivors to add to the group and send them on resource runs to keep stocked of gas, car parts and weapons but when you kick them out, essentially leaving them do die, they don't even get a line of dialogue; they're just gone.
 Gameplay problems and weak story aside,they both suck, the game just seems rushed. With a little more time Survival Instinct may have become a genuinely good game, but instead its half-finished, pumped full of filler and doesn't provide any of excitement we've come to expect from the series.
There are some pretty solid zombie games out there. So if you're going to make a zombie game based on the current cross-media hit The Walking Dead it better be at least up to par with the the TV series or Telltale Games' interactive narrative game The Walking Dead. Somehow The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct manages to completely sidestep nearly everything good about the series. Instead becoming a reanimated corpse of a game; shoot it in the head.

7)Ride To Hell:Retribution: A very broken Video game! That said it all!!

8)Aliens:Colonial Marines: The first 10-seconds of gameplay is as good as Colonial Marines ever gets. The film-authentic bing and hum of the motion tracker, ticking away Xenomorphs as they hunt their pray, you! After that, it's all downhill. The aliens themselves are not scary, they are small, sort of look like skinny cats and are really easy to kill. In fact they're so easy to kill that there is little need to be afraid of dying at all, just charge thorough and mop-up with your pulse rifle. In making the aliens weak developers lost the scariest device in the game, the motion tracker. Aliens are suppose to come out of nowhere, wound you and retreat until they pick your squad off one by one. Instead what's happens is that you aim your rifle at a spawn point and just keep firing until you're prompted to follow someone else to do something, who knows what, I stopped caring at that point.If a gamer ever feels like punishing themselves by playing this game to try to redeem some of the $60 they just shelled out for it, they end up at one of several terrible boss battles. At this point the comic failure of Colonial Marines just turns to sadness. Some battles are simply a strings of quick-time events (hit X now!) or worse so glitchy that gamers are left to run in circles until the alien gets stuck on a corner, which happens all the time, then just shoot till dead - so fun.

9) Remember Me: Well I don't!!
Like Remember Me's fundamentally broken combat system – which succumbs to its own egregiously tedious fundamentals after a few short hours, punishing you for trying to play the game how the designers seemingly wanted you to – the game seems afraid to say anything unique or original, doubling back on any initially implied narrative innovation that might push the player to think about the context of their in-game actions in a different light.
All that's left is a lot of wasted potential and hours of your life you'll never get back.

10) Soul Sacrifice for the PSvita: ???? Bad game for what I read about it.

It's pretty said when we have 10 bad games of the year and 4 good games of the year! Vote in the comments, what is you worst game of 2013?


  1. I vote for Remember Me,some good ideas but there is no freedom to do the game as you want too

  2. The Star Trek game suck and so did The Walking Dad ...But I don't like the control on the other Walking Dead game but its better that the FPS walking dead game.

  3. Remember Me! That game is bad you have no freedom to handle the thing the way you wish to.