Sunday, September 29, 2013

Killzone Mercenary Review (Vita)

This is what Call of Duty Declassified should have been. Killzone Mercenary is the best handheld shooter, not like it had much competition!

The game is easy to control with similar mechanics from any other shooter. I actually never had any trouble controlling this game. The touch screen is responsive and actually fun to use. I never missed a beat when doing melee unlike Uncharted Golden Abyss. Killzone Mercenary probably utilizes the Vita better then any other game with a equal balance between touch screen and button pressing.

If you want to show off your Vita this is the game to do it with. The graphics are amazing for a handheld, and on par with many console games. AlbertO was playing Black Ops 2 and I was playing Killzone Mercenary comparing the two and Mercenary looked much better! The lighting, the guns, the people, it is unbelievable are well everything looked.

I thought it would just be a bunch of Mercenary contracts but there is actually a story. It is not anything special,just a normal first person shooter story. The best part is being a mercenary in the killzone world. You get to see both sides and different points of views, that's what make the story fascinating. The idea that all you care about is money comes into question on the last mission. There are 9 missions but they are all a decent length and there are many different ways to get to your goal.

Whatever you do in single player translates over to multiplayer. During gameplay you can buy guns, armor, and vanguards that best fit you play style. Whatever you buy goes into your loadout in multiplayer. This is great because everyone is more equal. When you start out you don't have a dumb gun when everyone else is running around with overpowered weapons. This is a idea they should put into Killzone Shadowfall. You can also buy vanguards which are kind of like killstreaks and they are really cool! There is stealth and shooting in the single player. There is actually ways to bypass enemies all together. Sometimes the missions fill repetitive and can get boring. But when you reach your objective and the story continues the game picks up agian. One problem is the hacking, most of the time it is fun, but sometimes it is so hard that it's frustrating.

What can I say its like Call of Duty. The only difference is the valor cards. It's still fun and works very well to be on a handheld.

The Vita needs more games like this. Games that show that the Vita has the capabilities of having console type games. Killzone Mercenaries gets a 7.5

Here is some gameplay and you can see how good it looks! This is all actually gameplay


  1. COD never had good graphics. Battlefield have better graphics

  2. Yes this game is good. Like you said its kind of boring at times

  3. I play it and it was kind of short. I don't like short games. The money I pay for this wasn't worth all the hours I work to get it. I'm a teen so I can only work part time. I have to pay for my car and so far that took all my cash. So far I try to save my cash to buy my next game system so far its not going so good. Im sad now pay full price for a short game like this. I did buy Castlevania because of this board and so far I like that game better because its long and good and a no a FPS