Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Castlevania Lords of Shadow True Ending Dracula

Its time to see the end of Castlevania :Lords of Shadows. Castlevania has always been one of my favorite games. They also came out with a PC version of this game that come with all the DLC packs there are 2 of them. Just look back at this site that has more info about what is up with this game series. But you would have to go back or used the search engine !
This is where the new Castlevania:Lords of Shadows 2  game pick up. You have to repower yourself after a very long sleep. To get the story of why this is so. You have to get Castlevania _Mirror of Fate for the 3DS or wait until this Oct to get a HD  version to play on your PS 3 or Xbox 360! This game tell what happen...
I was wish for this game to be on the next gen game system but it no to be for now! The WiiU could see one but it might have to be done by someone else they could just port it over but  the have to pick someone that can program for the WiiU. The same goes for it to be on the PS4 or Xbox 360 they would have to up the graphic(don't get me wrong the graphics are super on the PS3 or xbox360 but I don't want to see these graphics on the next gen system) or maybe this game should just stay on the PS3,XBox 360 ,PC


  1. I would love to see this great game on my PS4!!

  2. I just got done with this game. It was great and something diffent game play than I used too which was RPGs. It was great but they didn't need the DLC but they do add to the story and why this men become Dracula . Yes the DLC happen after he beat the Devil.

  3. I love this game,so many people compare this game to God of War. God of War copy all the old games from the past.. I saw and play the new one and this game Dracula make the God of War guy look like a wimp. He kill people in so many good ways.