Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The WiiU price drop

its going down $50.00 to counter the release of the Xbox One and PS4


  1. Maybe but some good games would help.

  2. They can drop the price down some more before I buy any game system I think about $200 would be the right price for the PS4,xbox 1,the WiiU

    1. Yes since they make most of their cash on selling games. Plus I don't think old Nintendo is hurting that much because during the Wii days it was making more money than Xbox and PS3 people together, What you think the cash just disappear?? Than take a business class. Nintendo can just take it easy and wait. I'm think within a few more years they will release another games system this time they will getaway of all that Wii stuff an do a right game system but since everyone is copying their ideas, can they be that far off with the WiiU. The other people with their smartglass and knects and what ever every body copy Nintendo what with coming up with yours own ideas people.Next time SONY and Xbox people come up with your own idea maybe Nintendo should take you'll to court!!For ripping off their Ideas, Did you know its was Nintendo that came up with the rumble controller and look what happen everybody is using it now day.. Again everyone is watch what Nintendo does and copy it why think when you can just copy what Nintendo is doing!!

  3. Who cares everybody is going to get the PS4 anyway!

  4. I will get one only if they released the game I want to see on it.Howmany of you guy buy the game system because it has the game you always wanted?