Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deep Down(Ps4 Game From Capcom) Finally Gets a New Trailer

The last time we saw Deep Down was on the ps4 reveal. The one with the guy fighting a dragon. No one really knew that much about the game and this trailer just adds more questions. It looks interesting and I want to learn more. Some more info should be coming in September from The Tokyo game show.


  1. It look good I do hope its a real game and not just a tech demo

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    1. This is about talking about games and tv show. This isn't a dating service. Plus the comment isn't for this board go elsewhere to make such statements.
      PS no to any photos. No to any sexual comments...Even if one of them was about Ellie. Whoever you are you need to get away from video games if you think it real or go to a doctor,,,
      Here a idea if you want a board set one up your self

  3. This good you are keeping the board safe. Some people don't have any common sense today.Plus the video look good I do hope its a real game and not just something to show off what the pS4 can do!

  4. It looks like a better Skyrim type of game