Monday, July 22, 2013

Season 4 TWD video from Comic Con

Shows someone in the group isn't on their side. Also show some more kids that live. Also look like it show part of many parts of the season. Also they made more friends. Many think its the Governor is causing the problems. They are also I had to ask my helper because its been a long time since I read the comic but they are add more of the comic into the TV series. There are different between the series and the comic book if you guy can read the comic book as well you can just get a big book that as 48 issues  in one book......
 Here is a link to get the first 48 issues into one book

More Comic Con stuff on the way!


  1. Looking good. I didn't like season 2,too much time looking for Sophia.It got better on Season 3 because Rick got better. In the past he wanted thing to be as they was,he was still trying tobe good in a bad world,in season 3 he took a group of people and turned them into a small army.And Carl himself become a warrior.

  2. Girl Like Video gamesJuly 28, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Im in love with Carl.. I meant him at comic con. he was very nice cute boy. I wish I had the gut to asked him out on a date!