Tuesday, June 11, 2013


1. Rocksmith 2014 announced
2.Announcement of the crew for next gen consoles. A free roam online racer.
3. Just Dance 4 coming this holiday
4. Rabbi's show coming to nick. It will be intractable with touch devices
5. Tom Clancy MMO shooter the Division is shown.
6. Trail Fusion on Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. And Trails Frontier for mobile devices


  1. A sad show I wanted some new games. They didnot show Watch Dog or did I miss it when my PC screw up and that damn Spike stop showing it on the TV.

  2. We need to have xplay back to show the E3 show. This suck all most are the press shows had nothing that much to show that was new,there was a few new game but all in all they just updated the game they show last year.

    1. Yes we need full coverage ! I think we could had done without Ink Master the shoe they decide to show instead of the E3 show, Hey Spike do it right or don't do at all.OH yes fix your damn site there was no sounds. Ass wipes!