Friday, June 7, 2013

the last of us multiplayer

They are trying to make something different from the other online game out there.  I saw a review video where the guy say there are still  balancing issues ,some of the people you pick are so strong they can over power the weaker people. But I do hope they fix it and please make it where you can kill someone without shooting them with the whole ammo clip like on Uncharted 3 LOL!!!!


  1. I would do the up and close killing. Like on Uncharted 3 one time I got all my kills by sneaking up on people and killing them or by pulling them off the building or by hitting them....

  2. It does look like they are try to do something diffent with muitlplayer which is good.Thank you for the video,

  3. The day is coming this month on the 14th. We will see. I notice that all the preorder extras are the same unless I miss something and nowdays this happen.