Friday, June 14, 2013

Ok here i go let talk about E3.Number one I  disapproved  of the way Spike TV just cut you off and show only the xbox press show. If you aren't going to do it right than let someone else handle the whole show that is to show the whole show like Xplay used too. They did said goto this site and see the rest oh well I try that and couldn't get the sound to work and to be hosty I want to see it on my big tv set and not on a little PC tv...To see the show I had two site running and not your Spike site no sound!
Let talk about the Xbox press show to my surprised they show games and I was very impressed with how good Metal Gear was, it graphic beat most of the other games at the show. And it was a free roam game. Ryse Son of Rome is a exclusive launch title for Xbox One which was very good. And a very old fighting game Killer Instinct only for Xbox 1 which everybody that remember this game wanted for ages.  Sunset Overdrive look good and new IP from Remedy maker of Alan Wake new game called Quantum Break look interesting .Battlefield game look great but  was expected. Halo oh well its Halo! Dead Rising only on XBox 1 very sad but it look very good.I like you could called for help from yours cell phone but I wonder for people whom don't have a smart phone.I guess you out of luck and another way they are copying a good idea from the WiiU and the Wii..Now the price was more than I figure 499.99 plus taxes(10%).I was expecting about 350.00 . By time you get a game that system will set you back 610
Now for the BS you should be able to be off line for as long as you want too but not with this socalled system from people whom think you need to be online all ther time and watch TV stuff and be online all the time . But after 24 hours your system wouldn't work.This is bull shit from people that think they have to right to tell you how you want to play yours games and used your time, Another thing is they want to disallow your rights to buy a game used but they done kind of a back track saying that its up to the game maker to decide if they want to do it. This is nothing new PC gaming had this long ago. Now for this installing the game which you must do. Now with a HR space of only 500 GB and if you the type that download a lot of stuff you are going to run out of space fast.
I'm afraid that Xbox is the loser of this go around their system cost too much cash,you have all this BS about being online all the time( this problem for people whom don;t have any   high speed network or have limit  bandwith) But they had show that they care nothing about you the gamer. But if you like to watch TV than you are set.. Oh BOY!  they screw up!!!

The Sony show,they did spent some time talking about the non games stuff and the design of the PS4 looks interesting. Its price tag is 399.00 and to be release this Xmas/ I was expecting a $300-350. You don't have to be online ,only if the game have online game play, and no plan formaking used games a no no.They show some PS Vita games which that system need very badly!!!!! They show the expected games like Killzone for the PS4 and few other like Battlefield and racing car game .They had some good games for the release like Killzone and Battlefield 4 and Infamous Second Son which look very good. Its good to see some good game at launch.The Order look good and its good to see we would get to play Skyrim(The Elder Scrolls Online) online. and play it without loading times that was a problem with Skyrim on the PS3. I do hope that you would be allow to play a single player game as well. The Dark Sorcerer was ? I don't know what to think about this one. Batman Arkham Origins was at the show,I was kind of expecting this game as well as Watch Dog and the game play look really good.AC Black Flag  didn't show very good because the game froze make me wonder if the game would do the same if you get it. Maybe we need a break with this game but they release one every year.  A break would do them and the game good maybe every 2 years another AC game. WOW would that be a change of pace,Destiny look super and a fresh looking game.  You would have to buy PSN Plus to be able to play your game online. I like the free to play online they had on the PS3 . I think they won the gaming race. You can freely exchange your old games with family and friends and you don't have to be online all the time and its price would make this game system my choice for my new game system . It really sad because the XBox One has some good games on it.Its sad that they make you go through all this BS just to play their system and here I was think they learned from history and Sony did read the history and made some changes to viol the past mistakes that haldback the PS 3 for a long time ,its high price at release made the xbox 360 the cheaper system to get. Now its the opposite now they have the cheaper system.WOW whom said no body read history!!!

Yes they was there at E3 but they didn't have a big press show like the other people and this was a mistake. The idea for the press show is to show people what you are doing.This idea was for most the people that already have a WiiU. I don't know if this will work out plus the non hard core people that they has  for the Wii most like didn't have any idea about the direct press shoe and they lost them too.
There was some games I was expecting but didn't show up
1. Starfox
2. metroid
3> and yes one of my favorite game on the GameCube And that is  part 2 of   Eternal Darkness:Sanity Requiem(which they are working on)
Yes Nintendo had a few good game but the problem is most of them are on the PS 3 and Xbox 360,so there is nothing there to make you go a buy a WiiU from 3rd party game maker, That is why they need to bring out there own games like the one listed above game no other gaming system have and that is how you going to get people to buy a WiiU.
One thing is the WiiU was design to go after the PS 3 and XBox 360. After watch some in games video clip the WiiU graphic look very dull and doesn't compete against the graphic muscle of the new PS4 or the Xbox 1(I still wish they would had called it the xbox 720) So they lost the war!


Show Titanfall which look great but sad its for XBox One only. I wasn't expecting Starwars Battlefront  which I do hope EA don't screw up this game. Battlefield, their normal boring sport games.
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare look interesting but it wouldn't be my pick of game of the year.

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition look good and was for both of the new game systems, But the only surprised for me was TitanFall..

Ubisoft  I wasn't not that great of a show but there was a good video show in the end. I think its was called The Division is show the world has a problem with a virus, this is the video show at the E3 show.
They show their normal games like rayman,AC 4,The Crew a racing game and a few other. But there was nothing new but The Division. All in all they need to go back to the drawing board..


Hello their pre-E3 2013 show was OK . Its show DanceDance Revolution:Classroom edition,they show games for the IPhones and facebook(? how do you feel about these games?).PES 2014 its a soccer game. and how many people in the USA play soccer anyway? I believe this game is for England and other countries across the sea,I see it selling there really great but not in the USA!!I;m not into sport games at all many someone here can give me the rundown on this game.. And they and other show Metal Gear it the 25th years of making the game Metal Gear. This game graphic was great and better than most of the game anybody else had show. Metal Gear had a very crazy story lines and great character to show both the good and bad sides of humans,I try to post a video of this game later,it was one of the best games out there. They change the voice actor for Snake to  Kiefer Sutherland. It show them put dot on his face  for the game to show his emotions and face movements. and new game engine that make the game look like a movie.  Kiefer Sutherland never play video game but he did know about Metal Gear and that is good if a non gamer know about a game!The game will be out for the PS3 and Xbox 360
They talked about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2  and show game play,and show improvements in game play..Remember Dracula power are blood driving so you must kill people to feed yourself and power up!And without loading time which is great.It start off at the ending of the 1st game. I like the first one  . I already put a video of this game.The 1st game the origin of Dracula and his legendary connection with the Belmonts was revealed.And why the Belmonts want to destroy him!
 There wasn't that much new but like the update on the two game I like Metal Gear and Castlevania but it wasn't thta good of a show. Do better next tine!!!!



  1. I have a problem with your very short EA,its a good company sure they had some problem but it looks like they are trying to do better. I think the xbox1 is a good system and Im going to get one, that is when the price goes down, I never like the SONY systems because every time I got it broke on me,so I got a xbox 360 and it still working so Im going with the xbox 1,when the price drops a little,

  2. You has become SONY Guys only, this is sad.

    1. Humm interesting! Now the XBox1 have lots of in house and new IPs like Ryse Son of Rome , Killer Instinct which a lot of people wanted to be release. Sunset Overdrive,Quantum Break both look interesting. Dead Rising. I never said that I hate the Xbox 1 ,I just hate their stuff like always online and this no used game. Now when the price goes down!Oh Yes I hate the high price of every new game system. I used to get every game system when they came out but since the price in above $200 for years now. I just waited until the price goes down and there is lots of cheap games out there. I most like to wait a while for the PS4 to go down and than the xbox 1 and maybe the wiiU if they release a game I been waiting for years now. The number thing is all the games system have some very great games only for their system. I just pick the PS 4 this time around,the last go around I pick the xbox 360 and than got the PS3 just while ago. I just going to wait for awhile and play the backlog of games I have.

  3. Castlevania look sick man,,, I like the first one and I already have this one reserved. I do hope the xbox 360 version is good,the last one was.