Tuesday, June 25, 2013


1 is the best and there had to be gameplay to be chosen. 

Best Press conference


Best Shooter(No Halo because they did not show any gameplay. So don't got mad at us!)

1. Destiny (both)
2.TitanFall (Xbox One)
3.Battlefield 3
4.Call of Duty Ghosts (both)
5. Killzone Shadow Fall (ps4)

2 through 5 are really good games so we flipped a coin

Best Surprise

1. Ps4 Price
2. The Division
3. Star Wars Battlefront
4. Insomniac making Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One
5. Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Exclusive
6. Skyrim Online for both consoles
7. The Order: 1887 (ps4)
8. Mad Max
9. Killer Instinct (Xbox One)

Best Action/Adventure

1. Batman Arkham Origins (both)
2. Medal Gear Solid
3. Watch Dogs(both)
4. Casltevania Lords of Shadow 2 (360 ps3 pc)
5. Knack (ps4)
6. Assassins Creed Black Flag(both)

Best RPG
1.  The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt. (Xbox1,PS4,PC.).
2. The Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox1,PS4,Mac,PC)
3.  Final Fantasy 15,
4. The Division  X(Nintendo WiiU).
5.  X(Nintendo WiiU).

 Best Game With No Guns

1. Super Mario 3D
2.The Legend of Zelda:Link between Worlds
6.Disney Infinite

Best Handheld

1. Legend of Zelda A link between worlds (3ds)
2. Batman Blackgate (psvita, 3ds)
3.Tearaway (psvita)
4.Walking dead season 1 and 400 days(psvita)
5.Super Smash Bros (3ds)
6. Pokémon x and y (3ds)

Best Graphics

1. The Witcher 3 Wild hunt (everyone)
2. Medal Gear Solid Phantom Pain
3. Destiny
4. Killzone Shadow fall
5. Battlefield 4

Best thing we were expecting but NEVER GOT IT!!!!!!

1. Cheaper console prices
2.  The Last Guardian
3.  Metroid for WiiU
4. PsVita price drop
5. Alan Wake 2
6. next Fallout
7. next Uncharted
8. next God of War
9. there were one hundred more but we did not want to overwhelm you lol

Best EA game (top 4)

1. TitanFall
2. Mirror Edge
3. Battlefield 4
4. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Best Ubisoft game (top 4)

1. The Division
2. Watch Dogs
3. The Crew
4. Assassins Creed Black Flag

Best ps4 Exclusive(full game) (top 4)

1. Infamous Second Son
2. Killzone Shadow Fall
3. Knack
4. Driveclub

Best Xbox One Exclusive (top 4)

1. Ryse Son of Rome
2. TitanFall
3.  Quantum Break
4.  Dead Rising 3

Best WiiU exclusive

1.Super Mario  Brother 3D
2.Super Smash brothers
4.Mario Kart8

Best Overall game(top ten)

1.All them! You vote!! So there!!!!!!


- The Division
- The Witcher wild hunt
- Medal Gear Solid Phantom Pain
- Watch Dogs
- Ryse Son of Rome
- Titanfall
- Infamous Second Son
- Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2
- The Elder Scrolls Online
- Batman Arkham Origins

Best System you vote


- Ps4
- Xbox One




  1. Xbox1 because I like the games that is going to be on it.There for I vote for the xbox 1 and for best video game would be The Witcher wild hunt

    1. thanks! We could not decide on a winner for these categories but one of our choices was The Witcher 1 and medal gear 2

  2. I think the PS4 and Ghost!!! PS4 because its $100 cheaper. The Xbox one had to many condition with it,it was $100 more,the konect thing had to be turn on at all times and so does the system itself .I know that they change their toon with this being online and with no used games. So far I'm no going to preorder any thing,,,

  3. The E3 show wasn't that great this time around sure they had new games system but we was expecting this since last years e# show. Ubisoft and EA press show what I was expecting the same old stuff. The only brightness that shine was to see that new games system and the released games.My camera give out on me and when I try to get the info from it my pc don't see it.So no photos.But I see no way to post photos or video here!!!
    My vote for the best game system would be for the PS4 and for the game that go to Metal Gear.that game look so good, that the video clip don't show it the right way.To see something with your own eyes,,, Castlevania look very good I think Alberto was talking about this game for a year and Alberto the game you can just look around. You said one time that is why you aren't done with Bioshock because you just look around...

  4. Im going to get the X Box 1 and vote for all the game . 1. Ryse Son of Rome
    2. TitanFall
    3. Quantum Break
    4. Dead Rising 3
    all these I vote for

  5. Man you guy are fools buying these system go to PC and you would get the best games.
    My brother says he is going to get the PS4 and The Elder Scrolls Online.
    Or if you have a xbox 360 or PS 3 play thoese games,there would be lots a cheap game for them and just sit back and play some good old games and wait until the prices goes way down. Or just end this and get a PC

  6. The best Press show was PS4
    Best Shooter_Titanfall
    Best Surprise-Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Exclusive
    Best Action/Adventure- Medal Gear Solid
    Best RPG-The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt. (Xbox1,PS4,PC.).
    Best Game With No Guns- Super Mario 3D
    Best Graphics- The Witcher 3 Wild hunt (everyone)
    Best thing we were expecting but NEVER GOT IT!!!!!!- Cheaper console prices and Alan Wake 2
    Best EA game - TitanFall
    Best Ubisoft game-The Division
    Best ps4 Exclusive(full game)- Infamous Second Son
    Best Xbox One Exclusive - Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3
    Best WiiU -Bayonetta
    Best Overall game-Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2
    Best System- Ps4

  7. The best system is the Xbox one 1
    Best game The Elder Scrolls Online just think Skyrim online!! How great is that?

  8. PS4 and Batman Arkham Origins get my vote plus most improved game play show was Castlevania LOS2 .this time they show that you can look around,Something you couldn't do on the first one!

  9. Medal Gear Solid looks better than the rest of the games out there.Xbox One I just like it plus better online service,I got this by using the xbox 360 online service which they would improve on..I don't mind paying for a online service if it good and the xbox online service when I was using it was good and no one broke into it and rip off my credit card number. Unlike what happen over at SONY!My brother is still dealing with the fact that SONY didn't tell him when it happen and now he has a problem with the credit card,,,Remember people if you are going to pay for a online gaming service use one of the refill cards

  10. PS4
    The Witcher wild hunt

  11. The Division .I still going to wait for awhile because of the prices even the PS4 with its price is still to much for most people to put down the cash. I don't have a choice I have to wait a while because I don't have the $500 just to buy a system plus a game plus online service plus taxes. I might have to buy another washing machine.You kid don't know what its like to earn money like we had to way in the past. I have a program where I make my kid work for $7/hour minus taxes there for if he want a system he would have to work for 71 day plus remember to take out taxes and to make it basis on real life take out rent make them pay for fast food,make them pay for even thing. I'm getting tired of you young people grow up with this I need everything,get me this and that without anytype// Piss off again because !!!

    1. That is a good idea. Because I have kids and nephews who think money grow on trees. Plus I think it would be a good idea to get the kids off their ass and start getting a idea how the real world work and why I can't just go out and buy a game system because "its only $400"
      I'm going to start doing this I work when I was 13 years old,so I think my 14 and 15 years old nephew can get off their ass..

    2. Ok my vote is for the PS4 but it going be a while And metal gear.
      The reason is my dad read this and now I have to work Thanks a lot dude. Piss at pissoff daddy!

  12. Xbox one and Titanfall because the game looks good,

  13. The Division, I will get both xbox one and PS4.

  14. Xbox one because their last system was good .The game is The Elder Scrolls Online. But the first game I'm going to get for the old system is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.Every since I saw the video you guy posted here and the old one was great its so good to get a game where you have to get up and close to take someone out. I bid that some one that play only COD would found this game hard because no guns. I like the first clip where Gabriel Belmont now Dracula has no problem kick everyone ass. This first game tell you why the Belmont are so into killing Dracula because he betratd the family whom was fighting evil and one of their family is now evil and its up to them to set thing right. But Gabriel start out on a good mission but you get to see how and why he become Dracula and this is to fight the Devil and after 1000 years the Devil is about to come back will Dracula save mankind or said hell with them. I do hope the game would give us a choice to save humans or enslave them all, But if he save human he could be the end of his immortality . Plus he believe he was abandon by GOD but if you think about it maybe God want him to comeback to deal with the devil. Because he was almost dead !!

  15. You still have time to vote. We haven't come up with a stopping date yet,but we will. Here is how it looks...

    Xbox One-6

    Medal Gear-3
    Elder Scrolls online-2
    Lord of Shadows-1

  16. Ps4 and Watch Dogs

  17. Infamous Second Son.PS4

  18. Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2_PS4-for the new game system the game for it would be The Witcher 3 Wild hunt

  19. Duke Nukum_ps3 LOL >Elder Scrolls online>PS4 >my vote

  20. PS4_all the games for this system

  21. PS 4.And the game is Batman Arkham Origins

  22. OK, Voting ends on July 20, 2013! I think we have the longest running e3 awards...

    Here are the votes so far-

    Ps4- 13
    Xbox One- 6

    The Witcher- 3
    Medal Gear- 3
    Elder Scrolls- 3
    Ghost- 2
    Batman- 2
    Division- 2
    Ryse- 1
    Castlevania- 1
    Titanfall- 1
    Watch Dogs- 1
    Infamous- 1

  23. Xbox one_ remember the war hasn't ended and wouldn't until they come up with the Xbox Two and the PS 5. I see the winner are the gamer because I see good games for each system I just both of them can keep up making great games. Oh YES the game is Titanfall.....
    But for the game system I have now I going to get the Castlevania and COD2 ...

  24. PS4 and Watch dogs

  25. No of them . There are some many great game coming out like GTA,Castlevania which looks great.Plus lots of cheapo games out there.

  26. Medal Gear Solid Phantom Pain that game looks like a movie the first time I saw it. The PS4 is the game system to get

  27. Titian fall for the xbox one and The Division for the PS4. I'm getting both and if you are a true gamer you all would too! But also there is lots of good game coming out now for the game system we have now .

  28. The voting is closed. Thanks to everyone for making this our top post. And thanks for supporting our website!