Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some games shown at the Xbox One reveal.

A new game from Remedy for the Xbox one! Sadly it is not Alan wake! WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE ANNOTHER ALAN WAKE. You can't really get much from the trailer, but the girl might be able to control time. It wants to blend TV with games??? Well, here is the confusing trailer:

Here is Forza 5 exclusively for Xbox one:

And Finally what everyone has been waiting for CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS.  This is for ps4 and Xbox one but ,like always, Xbox will be getting DLC first. Please change it up! I'm getting tired of the same old Call of Duty. Here is the trailer: ( Alberto could you put this on the website)


  1. Now that is more like it posting about COD the only game you would need.

    1. COD is the same old thing,if it wasn't playable online I wouldn't even mess with the game.There are better games than COD out there why not give them a try you never know you might like them.

  2. Come on we need Alan Wake 2 unless Quantum Break is part 2