Thursday, May 23, 2013

I don't know if this is true but Ellie might be out and new Character due to spoilers !

Naughty Dog Replacing Ellie with New Character to Render Spoilers Useless in The Last of Us!

 Major spoilers for The Last of Us have been leaked and many people have already had the game’s ending ruined for them. The developers at Naughty Dog have decided to completely rewrite the story in order to make these spoilers useless.

“We know a lot of people have been spoiled and have had major plot points ruined for them inadvertently due to the leak,” says creative director Neil Druckmann, “We’ve already received over one thousand e-mails from people complaining that they’re no longer interested in the game because they already know what’s going to happen. In order to rectify this unfortunate situation, we have decided to rewrite the entire game.”
“This will not delay the game,” emphasizes Druckmann, “There are a lot of easy changes we can make in order to fit in a completely different story. One of these changes is replacing Ellie with a new character named Kevin who is a fourteen year old boy. The computer model will only have to be slightly modified and he can be controlled by the same AI that we used for Ellie so it’s a very easy fix.”
“Since we’re working under an accelerated time frame, I personally provide the voice for Kevin,” continues Druckmann, “Also, since all the other voice work is already finished, I also have the task of making Kevin’s dialogue different from Ellie in order to change the outcome of the story. It’s a very delicate balance since I don’t want the dialogue to appear unnatural.”
The following is the safehouse cutscene that has been redone with the new Kevin character. The graphics and sound are not finished as it is still a work-in-progress:
You will notice the voice change!!!!!
 Or is this site just a lot of bull shit!!!!??????????????????Oh well we're going have to do some more investigation!! You think someone could had just record over the video and place a guy voice in place of Ellie..... Some people have lots of time on their hands..... If its true then I hope they leave Ellie in it and make her another pick player ..........



  1. I guess we will find out June 10... :)

  2. I think its a lot of BS. Like you said Alberto someone could had just record Kevin voice over a clip they got from youtube. But they would have to change a lot more them just the voice and turn Ellie into a guy,they would have to change the whole game.Changing the whole game to make a new ending but if the game has different ending like on some old SIlent hill game which some had 8 or 10 ending,they would just have to edit them.

    1. Non white person.June 3, 2013 at 11:58 PM

      Yes they would have to change more then just the Character. It would be nice to be able the choice the Ellie Character as a boy or a girl or to make him or her as whatever yours race is....PS I like this site it doesn't get in a lot of name calling like the people that play COD or Halo!!

    2. Yes we don't care about race we care about the game and how it don't matter your race as long as you have fun playing game.