Sunday, December 9, 2012

VGA Overview

Here is a list of all the winners...

        Game of the Year
The Walking Dead: The Game
Studio of the Year
Telltale Games
Best Xbox 360 Game
Halo 4

Best PS3 Game

Best Wii / Wii U Game
New Super Mario Bros. U

Best PC Game
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Best Handheld / Mobile Game
Sound Shapes

Best Shooter
Borderlands 2

Best Action Adventure Game

Best RPG
Mass Effect 3

Best Multiplayer Game
Borderlands 2

Best Individual Sports Game

Best Team Sports Game
NBA 2K13

Best Driving Game
Need For Speed Most Wanted

Best Fighting Game
Persona 4 Arena

Best Adapted Video Game
The Walking Dead: The Game

Best Independent Game

Best Graphics
Halo 4

Best Song in a Game
"Cities" by Beck

Best Original Score

Best Performance By a Human MaleDameon Clarke as Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

Best Performance By a Human Female
Melissa Hutchison as Clementine (The Walking Dead: The Game)

Best Downloadable Game
The Walking Dead: The Game

Best Social Game
You Don't Know Jack

Best DLC
Dawnguard – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Most Anticipated Game
Grand Theft Auto V

Character of the Year
Clap Trap (Borderlands 2)

Best Game of the Decade
Half Life 2

Journey also got nominated for a Grammy! (I believe it is a first for games!)
Are you happy with this year's show? Do you agree with the winners?


  1. No Call of Duty_COD2? Should had won best everything!

  2. Sick of COD amd BattlefieldDecember 13, 2012 at 1:57 AM

    I'm glad that they pick some good games and show some more of Last of Us and Castlevania. I was very tired fucking watching the show and they keep on picking COD or Battlefield.

  3. I think Dishonored should had won Game of the Year. Just play the game and you would see what I mean.