Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Walking Dead

Police officer Rick Grime was shot during a shot out and he is in the hospital for some time but during his sleep the world had change some kind of disease had kill many of the human and the one that are kill by this disease is turn into a zombie.The disease restarts the human  brainsteam which controls  many basic functions including heart rate, breathing, sleeping and eating. .It get them up and walking and eating and when you come back you are just pile of meat!
Rick wake up from his long coma and find out the world is overrun by zombies and he going after his wife and kid (Lori and Carl) . He meet up with a guy and his son whom give him the run down on what is going on and they tell him that in Atlanta, Georgia, the CDC is said to have set up a quarantined safe-zone in the city. He is off to be reunited with his wife and son but oh well ,the zombie over run him and eat his horse and he end up in a tank, Just before he was going to kill himself on the radio someone called Glen tell him where to go.But now the group of people are trap but good old Rick find away to get them all out. He ind that his best friend !!!(watch out Rick) had save Lori and Carl.
Remember in this world there was no zombie movies so they have learn the hard way how to kill a zombie
Oh yes after Rick get his wife and kid back,they all go to the CDC where they meet Dr. Edwin Jenne whom tell them when thing got very,very bad everyone just left or kill them self. He said that he was in charge with research into the infection has not yielded a cure. He show them all how the bug kills and restart the brain. But their new home have a problem the power generator are almost out of fuel and when it does their new find good home is going to be destroy {Lack of fuel for the emergency generators soon initiates the building's safety protocols, which will trigger an explosion designed to destroy the facility and prevent the escape of deadly diseases}' one of them decide to stay because she didn't want to die like all her family and friend did. The big build blow all into many parts.
Now they are off to Fort Benning but RV van overheats and have to stop and than a whole group of walker in coming so they all hide but Sophia  make a sound and she have to run into the wood and Rick goes after her and find her and tell her to hide and rick kill the Walkers and he find out that Sophia hasn't return so the whole group except Dale and Tdog whom was hurt stay by the RV and then Carl get shot and they go to a farm house where Hershel save Carl. But before this can happen Shane and Otis goes somewhere to find the stuff they need by only Shane come back.Hummmmm!!
 Hershel is keeping The Walker in a barn because he think they are just sick but Shane shows Hershel that the walker are just dead and Shane open up the barn and out come Hershel's nephew and wife and family and Shane the group kill them all and than the last one comes out and surprised its!!!!!!(watch the show)Many more of the group was kill.They have to leave the farm and its about time!!!!!! and they end at a jail house and they discover some inmate living there and some of them are deal with by Rick and Rick now have another kid this time its a girl and no zombie baby.To bad!LOL

Now here the deal about The Walking Dead they aren't afraid to kill off the main character on this show so if you like one of them don't get to close to them because they might be gone on the next show. As you know its the people that are most dangerous,the walker are just doing what they do.Its the living people that are The Walking Dead they go here and there and so of them think its still the world they used to know and not the real world,its a bad world.Its about time Rick wakes up and deals with the real world of zombies. The show is meant to be kind of cartoon nature they didn't want to be crazy all the time. I like the SP effects and they had been getting better and better with how to kill a a new person crop a zombie in half with a sword. Now if you can't get into that maybe you need to watch I Love Lucy.Its the living people you have to worry about!!
 The Walking Dead has many award nominations, including a Writers Guild of America Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Television Series Drama. The series has also attained strong Nielsen ratings, beating various records for a cable series, including receiving 10.9 million viewers for its season three premiere to become the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history Watch this show the new season began Feb 2013.

I give this series 9.5! Watch it!


  1. Yes I love this series.Its great fun to have a vote in our family of whom would be kill next I won!!! About Lori but lost I think the baby would die and become a baby zombie!!

  2. The best series on cable and the only network that trys something new!

  3. Yes. I do hope this series is pick up and last forever

  4. Rick and the gonor will fight to the death and the winner gets to rule the Earth!!!

  5. Yes I like the show