Monday, October 29, 2012


I hate QTEs, they interfered with game play. How many time when you are playing God of War that you wish that you could just push the X button to jump and push the Triangle button to cut the creature up. Or playing RE6 ,I want to fly the airplane and climb the robe by just pushing up on a control stick instand of pushing the R1 and than the L2 button! Or finish the guy at the end of Castlevania :lords of Shadows by yourself instand of a QTE!! How many of you guy tired of the QTE.They screw up your enjoyment of the game, at time  a QTE could stop a game right there as you try to do the QTE. I SAID STOP THIS NOW! I HOPE THAT THE NEXT GOW DON"T HAVE ANY QTE!!!!!


  1. Yes I agree.QTE have no bussinesd in videogame! Why do they add them anyway?

  2. I don't like QTEs.I want to control the game for myself