Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transformers Fall of Cybertron review

This is a great game with good single player that last about 2 hours. It also has good online game play with many modes to choose from. The story starts on a war torn cybertron and the autobots need to find some energon so they can escape through a wormhole using the ark.Of course the decepticons have to get in the way and starscream has plans of his own. The story is good because it is based on the old G1 series. The robots look how they should and so does cybertron. One exception is that shockwave turned a autobot team into dinosaurs.(dinobots as you know) Now how could he have made a T Rex if he hasn't even seen one! I guess all stories have their flaws.

The graphics are top notch with all the detail they put into everything including the robots themselves. The controls are exceptionally easy and all the voices sound how they should. This all fits together to make a really good game. Each transformer feels their own and not just a skin. For example Jazz has a grappling hook and soundwave can summon lazerbeak and rumble. You can expect to see something different in each mission. You may be telling metroplex where to fire, stomping around has a robot t Rex, sneaking around, flying, etc. It is all put together in a cinematic masterpiece for a transformers game. You also get some awesome weaponry so you can destroy your enemies. The teletran 1 system is where you can get guns, buy upgrades for the guns, buy perks, and get abilities like the shield or attack drone. The cool part is that you can see what other people think about each gun and upgrade.

The multiplayer does not disappoint with a all new customization system. You can design anything about your character even what they transform into. The multiplayer is solid and fun. Transforming makes for a different kind of online experience. You will definently be playing this fun and addicting online gameplay. Some maps are small and some are big to give the jets more room to fly. There are all different modes to play in; i just haven't played them all. Escalation is just your regular survival mode. Its a lot of fun but nothing that different.

This is the ideal transformers game and I give it a 9.6




  1. A ok game kind of like Battlefield ,good online game play