Thursday, August 9, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo

Get this demo!!!
The great thing is that they went back to the 1980's version for everything from the robots to the space ship (the Ark)the Autobots was using to escape from Cybertron .The Autobots have to leave their home to search for power so they can finally win the war. This game is before the Autobots ever saw a human but they are going to the Earth because a unmanned robot had reported that the Earth has a rich power source.

 This is so far the best Transformers game demo, Most of these games wasn't that good.So far the online game play has only one map.You can customize everything about yours Transformer. The  Fall of Cybertron demo will feature two missions from the campaign, letting users play as Bumblebee and Vortex.
In addition to the single player missions, multiplayer is included with Team Deathmatch and Domination modes. There will be four multiplayer classes to choose from – Infiltrator, Titan, Destroyer and Scientist( this one has its good and bad side to them for example while the Scientist has weak weapons,he is able to regenerated yours buddies health and for quick getaway he is able to fly.)
 However, players can level up to customize the classes to their liking. The Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo is available now for both the  Xbox 360  and the  PlayStation 3  right now! The PC version is coming soon!
They did change a few thing in the 1980 comic the dinobot was created on the Earth. But now I'm nick picking  here.Grimlock will use swords and other melee weapons,He isn't in this demo! Just some more info from your friendly gamer Alberto!


  1. Oh Alberto ! Does it matter if the dinobot was created on the Earth or antwhere else!

  2. Yes it does matter