Thursday, May 31, 2012

La Noire Review

     LA Noire is a violent crime thriller in the 1940s set in Las Angeles. You play as detective Cole Phelps who uses all his strength to keep the the law in a city where every one has something to hide. Cole starts out as a beginner but he easily rises through the ranks with his wits and keen detective skills. As you play you will learn of a bigger plot the goes all the way back to Cole's army days. The story in LA Noire is emothonal, interestesting, and exciting. It will keep you hooked and they could probably make a movie out of it! The city is outstanding seems to be a axect copy of Las Angeles in the 40's. Every building is different and the people that fill the streets also seem real. They all seems different and will react to whats going on. The decective work  accurate(for the idea of making a game) and each investigation plays out well. The one complaint I have about being accurate is that they seems to put their hands all over everything. Even the dead bodies, clues, and bloodstains.

    The gameplay is great making you feel like a real cop. You will play in chases where the criminal or suspect tries to get away these can be on foot or in vehicle but both are really fun to play through. There will be shootouts where the kills are realistic and the guns work well. Alot of time will be spent finding clues in a crime scene some clues will help you with the case and others are useless. There will also be interogations which is one of the best parts of LA Noire. You ask questions and from their answer you say lie, doubt, or truth. The game encourages you to use real detective skills and read their face. Some people will roll their eyes, move their tongue around in their mouth, get shaky, stay still, etc. But be carefull if you say lie be prepared to back it up with proof. The graphics are wonderfull and the city and character animations look very realistic.  The dialogue is also wonderfull and the face animations are the best i have ever seen in a game. Dont worry it does let you free roam around the city. There are 40 side missions to complete and many historical landmarks to find. Plus it is always fun to try to run over your partner or simply leave him behind but he will magically reapear when you start the the next objective of a case. Let me just say that the driving is very fun and easy to controll but most players will find joy in driving like a maniac. It is histerical when you drive along the sidewalk, upstairs, or ram into other cars. I am surprised the game does not give you punnisment for weakless driving sinch you are the law but i am glad they didn't!

   LA Noire is a masterpiece. If you like games that are all out action LA Noire is not for you but if you like games that make you think LA Noire is for you. It gets a 9.9

Las Angeles

Showing the process of bringing the characters to live.


You can see how much your parners help during interogations lol

finding clues at this deadly crime scene

Your handy dandy notebook

 Get closer Cole so I can shoot the tires.Damn it Cole! Get closer,Damn it I miss and we was only few inches away.Damn it I miss it again,Damn Cole why did you  crash into the car? I was going to shoot the tire!!!

I miss again ! AGain I miss!


  1. Any details on the DLC? Are they any good? Help

  2. I'm sad there was no new La Noir game.