Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silent hill:Downpour

I want to know something what is the deal with weapons that fall apart? When did you ever see a iron pipe break? Or  knife? I can understand a stick or a piece of wood. The old game had monsters that look like they was from hell itself. But in this game they don't Also the fighting system is just OK.I miss my shotgun or machine gun or a axe that don't break.I wish they get away from this weapon breaking system and go back to the old system,give me my guns and swords and a good iron club. I found myself just running away.I normally like to look around. Some review had talk about the dark and gloomy look of the game but this is the way it should be.The Silent Hill game was always gloomy look to them.This game does capture the feel of the game and the puzzle are good but too hard.Now the first Silent Hill game had some very hard ones.
The graphic of the game are OK but I had seen better. There are serious questions hanging over Mr Pendleton as you head into the early stages of Downpour. Who is this guy? What did he do to get banged up? What became of his family? Did their names mean that they all sounded like shoes, too? The main story is not bad you are Murphy Pendleton and you are being moved to another prison but on the way there you bus get wrack,and you end up in a ditch.The stars of the show are the Otherworld sections, which generally hinge on chases as you are transported to that familiar chaos realm of barbed wire and rust and given the run-around by a weird glob of pure spectral malevolence. Corridors rotate, walls become ceilings and floors transform into water slides; the Otherworld is stylish and wonderfully mechanical, like a Dark City ride made by the Thorpe Park people, and it's a bold choice to change the pace so much in a game that otherwise hinges on a steady, measured kind of progression.  There's a persistent problem, though, and it's a fairly fundamental one, given the genre: Silent Hill: Downpour isn't actually very scary.But I don't get scared that easy.There are some moral choice to make push the "A" or the "X"..The monster get mad at the rain,so if its raining go into a building.The weather system they use is good ,one minutes its raining the next it isn't.The fighting control aren't very good and like I said above the weapon that I need breaks again how many time have you saw a iron pip break? Please fix this with a DLC or a free patch.You can only carry two weapons a melee and a gun which feel very weak.
Come ON  Konami give us the good old Silent Hill game with all the guns and whatever! No more breakable weapons.AND GIVE ME  MY MACHINE GUN BACK!!!!!!
I give it a 6.0.


  1. Yes please give the old Silent...This one was ok but like you said it could had been better and I agree with you on that weapon system they have its so dumb.

  2. The combat system on the old ones wasn't that great but the weapons they had in these game made up for bad weapon controls. Plus the old one scare me!Please scare me again.

  3. Yes the old ones also had a good story line..