Sunday, January 29, 2012


This star wars game follows the story of starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Ill start on a good note by saying i like the story. It is interesting how they fit it in between the movies.The environment changes in about every mission and that helps keep you interested. Now lets move to the cons I have about the game. The gameplay is very repitative as you kill guards and ya thats basically all you do. The game does give you a lot of different powers to do this with and it is interesting to test each upgraded power out on the stupid AI. Yes they are not very smart enough said!!! Some powers are really hard to use like it is nearly impossable to aim when using force grip. They do change up the enemies you fight but that does not really change the lousy gameplay. I dont hate the game entirely. The story kept me engached(they should of made a movie out of it)and it is always fun to throw braindead stormtroopers around. Altogether ill give this game a 5.0


This game is the excact opposite of the first game; it has good gameplay but a bad story. Once agian you play as Starkiller and all he wants is hes beloved Juno back. COME ON YOUR A JEDI GET OVER IT!!! Yes, this game has a bad story nothing else is needed to be said. Another complaint that it is way to short. There is not enough missions at all and one of those few missions is just walking around dacobah for about 10 seconds. Now lets get to the gameplay which is outstanding. The powers are very well organized and they fixed much of the control issues from the first game. You fill like a master jedi when you play this game it is amazing! You get to chop stormtroopers heads off and basically destroy anyone that comes in your path. There are now cinametic moments that are great fun to play one of my favourits is fighting a gigantic monster while trying to save your old pal Kota. Also I cant forget to say that the graphics are extroadinary. To bad, this game has a lot of potential,but it is cut short by a dumb story and short campaign. Thanks to the outstanding gameplay star wars the force unleashed 2 gets a 4.0


  1. Yes,I think the 1st one a good story and the 2nd one didn't have a good story but very good game play!

  2. Star War games are the only movie game that is good but could of been better.