Monday, January 30, 2012

Infamous(only for the PS 3)

“ A massive explosion rips through six blocks of empire city, killing everyone in its path… except you. You now wield extraordinary powers. Will you use them to save what’s left… or destroy it all!” Infamous does a real good job at presenting you with choices to make. One will make you more of a villain and the other a hero. The city and people will chance according to the path you choose. For example, civilians may take pictures or hit you with thrown rocks. And the player gets to decide how Cole McGrath will be seen by the public. The one bad thing about this is that it doesn’t change the outcome of the game.
Sucker punch creates an outstanding story that keeps you emotionally engaged the whole way through. You really want to know how this character fits into the story, but you have to wait for the story to unfold. The gameplay ,for the most part, stands up to the quality of the story. The game gives you many powers to your disposal and it is always fun to test out a new power after you unlock it. You gain different abilities according to the choices you make. Spot on controls make it easy to use these powers. There is one complaint I have about the gameplay. That is that Cole seems like he wants to grab onto everything which makes jumping and climbing , at times, hard to do. Also I should add that Cole can climb buildings better then spider man.
The graphics are not the best but are not horrible. That brings me to the city
which is basically filled with similar grey buildings. Overall the game is designed well except for the times that Cole gets stuck our falls through the ground, but these don’t happen enough to ruin your gameplay experience.
Infamous gets a 7.0  If you have a ps3 you cant miss out on this experience and should check it out.

Infamous 2 Review coming soon!


  1. Totally a 7.0 because there are to many glitches and a predectional story.

  2. Well, everyone has their opinions. Btw thanks for commenting. This site needs some more conversation.

  3. I don't think it was that good. It should be giving about 4.0 because of bugs and bad story.