Monday, January 9, 2012

Duke Nukem Forever

OK the  first one was OK for  that time period, way back in the 80's.The socalled attitude, or at least its attempt at one which was ok for the 1980's don't holdup in todays times. The whole thing is lousy with screen tearing and what can only be unintentional slowdown. NPCs even lack shadows.There is a online play but I never  play it so i can't comment on this.
For almost 15 years they was working on this game,on and off,off and on and the result  of this ,oh boy what a mess up game.They should had just restarted and make a new game for todays times!I was expecting a gem and I end up with this piece of ########(I must remember kids might come here)
There are better shooter out there,Gears of War,Resistance,Halo,Bulletstorm( Want to play the true successor to Duke Nukem 3D? this is the game to get )
Hey I want a REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Rating is -10
Don't waste yours time and money with this game.Don't rent this game,Just leave it alone. I wish I did. I guess playing the first one.Oh well. One thing to remember RENT a game first and than make up your mind if the game is good like Uncharted,Gear of War or Castlevania(any of them) and worth buying Or not worth buying !!!!. Remember at $ pays to Rent a game..


  1. You are right on with this.I want to how much money they spend on this game?

  2. Yes! How do you get a refund for this piece of shit!