Saturday, January 17, 2015

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: A new frontier

Advanced Warfare won our game of the year but does it deserve the title?

Call of Duty has always been criticized for being the same thing every game but this new installment has changed the series in a big way. The futuristic setting is the key for this change and its a big relief to see something new


The campaign follows Jack Mitchell who is recruited by Jonathon Irons (Kevin Spacey) to join Atlas, a private military force. The best part of the story is Kevin Spacey who brings a stellar performance as the government hating Jonathan Irons. This guy is the perfect character because you can understand his motives and has a certain spark in his personality that makes him interesting. It is great to see how Irons evolves throughout the story. The campaign also brings many other remember able characters  such as Gideon, Cormack, and Ilona. All of them are presented well and I can't wait to see more of them. The gameplay changes the formula with the exosuit which lets you dash in any direction, double jump, and have incredible strength. All the futuristic technology is really what makes this game and it is fun to experiment with all the new toys. My favorite is the grappling hook which offers an all new movement style never before seen in Call of Duty. One of my favorite missions is a stealthy one when you get to use the grappling hook. What makes this mission great is that you are free to go about it how you want. For the most part Call of Duty is a linear experience so this type of mission was great to see. You have all these new tools but I wish you were free to use them how you like instead of following a particular path. Besides that the campaign has a lot to offer.

Multiplayer and Score

The multiplayer follows the same formula as past games but that exosuit is the game changer. It adds a level of verticality that has never been seen before in a Call of Duty game. The dashing lets you escape enemy fire and gives you a fighting change and you feel accomplished every time you get a kill. There are all types of customization options and unique maps to play on. There is also the exo survival which tasks you and friends against waves of enemies. Each wave offering a new surprise.
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gets a 9.6 out of 10

Pictures coming in a year or so

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